Centro Sapienti – Tutoring

Providing tutoring and/or revision classes since 1994!



We are a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education (2018) also approved to offer the Cambridge programmes online (2022)!
Sapienti was approved to offer Edexcel Academic Qualifications (2022)!

Supported curricula:
Cambridge IGCSEs
Cambridge A Levels

EDEXCEL International GCSEs
EDEXCEL International A Levels

At Centro Sapienti, we also tutor International Baccalaureate subjects, since 2012.

In addition to one-on-one tutoring in most academic subjects, Sapienti provides the opportunity for students to become involved in collaborative learning groups.
Groups are formed in any subject area as needed and are comprised of 2-10 students.

Your Advantages:
– Highly experienced teachers.
– Synchronous classes (or ONLINE classes).
– Review of all parts of the syllabus.
– extra guided learning hours (IGCSE/GCSE/International GCSE subjects).
– extra guided learning hours (AS/A2 subjects).
– extra guided learning hours (AL/IAL subjects).
Guided learning hours include direct teaching and any other supervised or directed study time.
– Our online learning platform by Akira Software Solutions.
Pearson Edexcel Published Resources.
Cambridge Press resources.
– Practice and advice on exam questions and revision techniques.
– Intensive, focused, uninterrupted time on each topic.
– 23 years of educational experience.
– Increased confidence, new friends!




Sapienti – Apoio Pedagógico

“da sapienti et addetur ei sapientia doce iustum et festinabit accipere”

O Centro Sapienti fornece explicações a todos os alunos que queiram melhorar os seus conhecimentos.

Queremos que os nossos alunos alcancem o sucesso. Temos tutores disponíveis para todas as disciplinas e as aulas podem ser agendadas em 48 horas.

Ensino Básico (1º, 2º e 3º Ciclos)
Ensino Secundário (10º, 11º e 12º)
Ensino Universitário